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God is Mighty!

God is Mighty

“One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.” —Psalm 145:4


I am now part of that “One generation…,” you know the one, the one that talks about how it used to be - we walked up the hill both ways in the snow to go to church and win souls! Being a member of the older generation does not have to be a negative; it can be incredibly positive. If older men stand around and talk about how they used to do it, I get it, that may not be earth-shattering. But, if they describe who God was in their lives and what God did in their ministries, that can be incredibly helpful. God never changes! The works that He did for one generation He can do for this present one and the generations yet to come. His mighty acts are still available for all those who will enter into His purpose for their lives.

The heartbeat of Share Point Ministries is to praise the works of God to the people of God, especially those who minister in full-time service. As a member of that older generation, I have no desire to clone or condemn the present generation, but rather to encourage them as well as older pastors about what God has done and still can do! Honestly, we are in great days for ministry. Our culture is not providing answers for questioning souls, and millennials do have inquiring minds. I submit that if a young Joseph can do a work for God in the culture of ancient Egypt, and Daniel can excel for God in the culture of Babylon, then the people of God can still build great works in 2018 America. God is still God, everywhere and every-when! Instead of trying to reproduce ourselves methodologically, we can share how God used us, even as the unlikely candidates we were. Let’s encourage men to look to God for the empowerment they so desperately need.

My experiences over the years always began with being amazed that God would call me to serve, followed quickly by being afraid that I would fail, and then utterly assured when God does what only He can do. That pattern for our lives as an older generation is just as available to this present.

Let’s put our emphasis on the person and power of God, and let Him be mighty in our lives and ministries today. Someday, this present generation will be that “One generation…”; but as men and methods come and go, God will still be God and will still be doing mighty things!


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