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"Living I Love You"

Someone once shared with me this thought: It is easy to say, “I love you,” but far more difficult to live a life that consistently reveals, “I love you.” We treasure those places in the Word of God where Jesus said the words, “I love you,” such as John 15:9 and 12; but beyond the words, His life and actions continually revealed that He loves us as no other has or could. The truth is that the very essence of God is love, and the Bible definition of love is God.

Who Are You?


As human beings we are really amazing creatures.  As complex and smart as we are we are the only beings on earth capable of having an identity crisis.  Let me help us with that.

1.   As humans we are "who's" not "what's.”

2.   We are not only conscious beings but we are self conscious.  We can know who we are and what our purpose is.  We can think!

"Hope Deferred"


There are two verses in Proverbs 13 that present quite a contrast when studied together. 

"Hope deferred…"  Vs. 12



"The desire accomplished…"  Vs. 19


Life is sweet when our desire is accomplished but our heart is sick when our hope is scattered.

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