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In these days of corona quarantine, Nancy and I have been praying for several young moms busy having babies. I am sure they have been at least a little anxious about going to the hospital and having the baby with all that is happening. From time to time someone will say to me, “I really don’t know if I would want to bring children into this world.” My response is usually a sarcastic, “Really?” Newsflash, God was not surprised with corona, and His will and purpose have not been suspended until men resolve the virus and quarantine.

Every season of man’s history on earth has had its challenges and has been fraught with some danger; but none of them are beyond God’s power, mercy, grace, and love. I am sure glad my mom and dad did not decide that the post-World War II era of cold war and nuclear threat was too dangerous a world to bring me into. God loves children of every age and has the power to bless them and a purpose for their lives, regardless of the circumstances of their times.

God had a great purpose in little Noah being born in that wicked pre-flood world. Baby Moses was born in a time when male babies were being slain, but God was able to protect Moses and had a great purpose for his life. David was born into a time of constant war with the Philistines, just as God had purposed, and slew the biggest Philistine anyone had seen.

So it is with our children and grandchildren. They are born into a world that moves by the will and purpose of God, and their lives fit uniquely into this time. God has a wonderful plan for their lives. Encourage them to dream big, because they can accomplish much. They came to the world, “…for such a time as this.” They can conquer enemies, possess promised lands, and explore new depths in the purpose and plan of God for their life.

Teach them to know and walk with God, and they can live without fear and know the promise of faith.

Glad I was born and born again,

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